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Our Live edit system

Our new page editing system allow you to add new pages to your site on the fly. This system allows you maintain the pages you created on your site.

You simply log into your site. This will allow you to see two hidden links. Edit page and the Add new Page. To edit the page click the edit page link and a new tab will open with a from to provide the information you need/ Page name and code, Choice of menus you want the page to appear in. The page content. Where you can enter any set of HTML code or text.

Be sure to set the page from archive to active to make it show.

you can link the page to face book and linked in. News system if you use it. and a field to put the date of your update to the page.

comments are internal and not displayed

Here is a walk through of the fields and what they will do for your

  1. Site Name Code

    This your sites assigned code DON'T change it or the system will not find your page or it will only be seen by another hosted site.

  2. Page Code.

    This is the computer name for your page Best to use something like HomePage or Projects with NO spaces. This is the name of the page that the computer sees. Simple is better but make it readable to you

  3. Order of display

    This is the order in the menu group you want the page to appear in.

  4. The middle group of words in the browser top bar

    On the top of your page you will see a group of words a colon then another group a colon then the name of your browser

  5. This is the first group of words In the browser top bar. Leave blank for default.

  6. Link Menu.

    The menu the page is to appear on. Use none for no menu you have to call it in a link. We will be adding the ability for more than one menu soon.

  7. Name of your page

    This is the name that is displayed for page to your viewers. Make it logical to them. It many contain spaces

  8. Page Content here

    You can use any text or HTML code to format your text, insert links or images. You can use an html editor for this an past your page. Look for our description of the layout of the LiveEdit page in the HelpDesk system

  9. Status

    Your choice is inactive the default or active. This allows you to create more than one page for a name. For example you may have a standard HomePage but have a special event coming and want a special layout to it and want to switch back to the standard home page. When it is over. Just change to page from active to archive or back. The active page will display if you have to active pages the first active page in the database will display.

  10. Your face book link for this page

    They system can display a link to your facebook page here. Leave it blank for no link

  11. Your Linked in link for this page

    Link to your linked in page

  12. Number of News pages

    If you use the news application in our system you can set the number of news items to display. Default is none.

  13. Last Update, Leave blank if not wanted

    Some people like to show when the page was last updated. Blank puts no update info on your page.


    This is a field for you. Nothing you place in here is display on the page.

Over time and user request we will be adding more features to the system such as header keywords, other social networks background images header images or the ability to place internal links in the text that will maintain the state of the user. State means the logged in status of the user. Ie group member, customer, guest admin etc. that allow your users to enter data into resources such as the forms

Last Update June 25 , 2016

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