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  • You have the ability to give users deferent content base on their group rights on the site. You have 4 basic site users.
    1. General Viewer. This group is largest and include search engines. This is the public presence of your site.
    2. Normal Viewer. This group of viewers has created and account on the server and are given slightly more rights then non logged in users such as being able to enter Items in the Buy and Sell and Forums if you use that module. Or other application you will allow any user to use.
    3. Member Viewer. This group is your general membership and have access to Member only pages on the site. They will see member only links in the member left links are of each page. These pages and applications are only available to your members. The member page at the top of the members link area is were you let your potential members your requirements for membership and the benefits they get from becoming a member
    4. Admin. This group can modify all areas of the site including adding pages. They see all that the above viewers sees. Plus Admin notes, Below the Pubic text, The Admin links area on the left.Admin have access to the
      1. LiveEdit System
      2. Cpanel Domain hosting incluses CPanel which is an application that helps you manage your server such as email addres Mail list Mysql databaces, et.
      3. Client/Member database
      4. Projects DataBase
      5. ToDo
      6. Logs
      7. New
      8. And other tools

    Last Update Febuary 17, 2015

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